Our Team

Board Officers and Executive Board Members

Stacy Thompson, Chair and Strategic Planning Committee Chair
Kandice Bobo, Vice Chair
Natasha Martin, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair
Richard Schultze, Secretary and Program Committee Chair
Phillitia Charlton, Governance Committee Chair
Diane Graham, Development Committee Chair

Board Members

Darnell Brown
Dr. Leroy Cothran
Jared Grandy
Ivy Glover
Karla Harper
Marchelle Lumpkin-Mucha
Shamel Rivers
Brad Roediger
Susan Stedje M.D.

Wesley Dayton Staff

Diane Alexander

Dynasty Alexander

Quiana Bickham

Alexys Bryant

Cheryl Cole

Donna Collier

Barbara Evans

Craig Jones, Chief Financial Officer

Shawn E. Kerley, Executive Director

Angela London

George Martin

Kynni Orwig

Aisha Pitts

Tiffany Pullen

Jeffrey Steed

Jerica Stevens

Marjory Thornton

Paula M. Thornton

Phillip Waters

Dr. Yvette Williams